ashish pal front-end and wordpress developer

About Me

Hey I am Ashish Pal and I am a Front-End and WordPress Developer having an experience of more than 3 years. My skills float around HTML, CSS, Javascript, Bootstrap, SASS and jQuery and i'm learning new technology like React JS...


about my work

I have been working on multiple websites and web apps.I generally used to do frontend development by on certain client demand i used to create WordPress website. I have been building project since 2017 and i have roughly created more than 20 website and many games using javascript.

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about my achievements

Since now I have participated in many competitions and contests which gave me chance to meet other developer and get to know their capabilities and it teaches me how to do programming for a real application. I have won many contest which keeps me motivated in creating more cool stuffs.

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What I do

I have more than 3 years of experience of building websites for clients and for the big tech firms. Below is the overview of my technical skill sets and the technology i use.


HTML is use to build Website Front-End part and is the most important language to build a website.CSS is used to give styling to website


JS is a tool used for client side programming in a website it is used to give more functionality to website and make it look modern.


Bootstrap is framework of CSS whereas Sass is an extension of CSS3 used to writing CSS more efficiently

Node JS

A Javascript library used for Backend Programming to make the website dynamic.Used for bigger Websites.


A CMS which is helpful for making and managing a website for a non-programmer person.It build in PHP language,it powers 28% of web.


An old and efficient backend programming language used to make website dynamic.Most of the old and famous websites uses PHP.

My projects

Over the years of building project for the Clients.I have build some of the most reputable website which are very cool and sleek in design and every website is having its own unique theme and a very modern look.Check below some of the websites

port website

Trillo Website

A website for Hotel Booking and Travel Agencies build using FlexBox.

port website

Nature Website

A website dedicated for exploring the unseen nature and booking your tour to the places.

port website

Portfolio Website

A standard Portfolio Website of a Front-End Developer build using HTML, CSS & Javascript

port website

Serenity Website

A website for the drug recovery center.It a PSD converted into a website using HTML & CSS

port website

University Website

A fictional University website build using WordPress for educational purposes.Its just a Front-End page

port website

Professional Website

A professional website for nature beauty build using HTML,CSS,JS and Bootstrap

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